Saturday, 28 February 2015

A very potter birthday

The problem with allowing your cat to prevent you from blogging is that the pictures really pile up!

I have been happy and busy. Yesterday was Emily's 12th birthday party. We went to a pottery painting place. I was just going to take pictures but in the end I couldn't resist and joined in. It was so much fun! Annette and Ava and Olivia picked me up. The rose from November is still hanging in there. Seeing it immediately put the Goodbye Dear Friends song from the ride home from the funeral in my head in an oddly comforting way.

It's still really hard at times to believe she is gone. However six happy birthday-celebrating girls will do a lot to change the subject in your brain.

A lot of time and love went into these cards:

Notice how Olivia did half Hermione and half Emily:

Cool huh.

The colours on the tree are how the colours will hopefully turn out after they are fired.

This is where I jumped in and started painting too.

Emily's is going to be awesome!

We were sad that we had to leave our creations behind and will be very excited to see how they turn out!

Pottery was followed by pizza, cake and ...

(I love Emily's shirt. I wonder if they make them in my size)

...blind folded makeovers!

Emma had a dance recital so she couldn't join us at pottery but there was lots of painting done here!

A little embellishment and she's ready for my pirate ship!

You have to admit that her unibrow really makes her eyes pop!

Love these girls so much!

Ok now we are going to go and try to get a little caught up with the snow flowers before I forget what I have and haven't posted.

The thing about photographing cut flowers in snow... that if you don't like the light you can move your flowers!

So we're not caught up but today was warm enough to walk around the building. I only saw two squirrels so I ended up looking for branch shadows.

Mr. Cardinal put in an appearance but was trying to keep a low profile.

Harrison was ready for some fresh air.

It was hilarious. He always kicks his hind foot up when it's too cold.

I better not let him out like this. A few degrees warmer and he'd have headed out looking for grass.

Still too cold though so he headed in.

But one more kick for the road.