Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Don't eat the green snow

The only phone call today was a lad that wanted to explore my options re more phone services. I declined and went outside to see what my flowers were up to.

These are actually from yesterday:

This is as close as Harry got to going outside today.

Today I took the frozen "paint" out of their cups.

I was hoping that if I dipped them in warm water I could paint snow.

But it didn't really show up.

So I went for a little walk which is an act of courage as my stomach has not fully recovered from last week's prep.

I figured I may as well use the paint water and that was more successful although it's a good thing it wasn't yellow.

This was Harry's face one of the times I went in and asked if he wanted to go out.

That was a no.

Bird videos and cuddles are more the order of the day.


Happy birthday to the best Emily ever!!

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