Monday, 9 February 2015

Pre op till you drop

The sun was shining in my weather app this morning but nowhere else as we headed to Hamilton for my pre op extravaganza. It was actually a lot snowier in Hamilton than here but we left lots of time.

Karen toured the full to the brim parking garage and ended up parking in a snow bank outside for which we had the privilege of paying $20. While she did that I scoped out some more non knee friendly furniture...

and my friends the Juravinskis. The race track owners that the hospital is named after.

When I register for surgery on the 20th you'll see their backsides.

I think they appreciated seeing Emily's shark handiwork but were too stone faced to say much.

We headed down to level zero and saw the nicest team of medical people ever. You know you are in good hands when your doctor's name is Dr Bunny (I'm sure that's not how he spells it but I'd like to believe it is) and you notice this on the bulletin board across the room while you are having an ecg:

I love that.

Much as I enjoyed Dr Bunny and the kind nurse and technician I still don't think it was worth spending 2 hours there and then heading over to another hospital to answer every single question again 3 or 7 more times. But Karen removed her van from the snow bank and we headed over to spend another $20 to park in a parking space created before the advent of mini vans.

Being in the waiting room at Mac breaks my heart every time. Children should not have to wait with quiet resignation for surgery. They just shouldn't.

Anyway moving around the pre op circle was easier (especially for Karen) this time because I was not 2 weeks out of knee replacement surgery and in a wheelchair.

We ended up seeing the pharmacy team too.

I don't want to dwell on the negative but let's just say the nurse that took my blood pressure and blood was clearly not a fan of this theory:

I bathed myself in anti bacterial soap at every opportunity and concentrated on not touching my face. Maybe she could not afford to be off work for 3 weeks but I cannot afford to be sick. Can't.

My nemesis the small bp cuff:

I had not used this backpack since coming home from ML's funeral so it was pretty special to have her with us today. The piece of her jewellery that I chose...

And the Palm Sunday cross she had me following her around Halifax Public Gardens taking pictures of for Ella.

This is the backpack we each got at the cancer lodge we stayed at in April.

Somehow she's still giving comfort.

Wishing my friend Andrew, he of the orange Harmony is Healing wristbands, best of everything with his LU177 cancer treatment tomorrow. Emily made him an orange shark so he's pretty much set. Hoping to see what adventures his shark embarks upon. Mine had a pretty good day.

Andrew had a birthday yesterday and this was his alternate birthday card:

Somebody needs to hold a photo shop intervention for me please. Also I should go to bed but I'm too tired.


I don't know if this is real but it fascinates me:

That is the new definition of calm.

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