Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pink Bibles

Are you like baby Karen? Are you done with the cold?

Are you like me? Do you wish someone had told young me that beige tights are not the same as wearing pants?

I don't have huge glasses on though and I like my hair. And how Henry and Marcia look like they are trying to make Karen laugh. I'm surprised Mom even let this picture live what with all the wardrobe malfunctions and closed eyes but I'm glad she did.

Did I show you these?

Me and Karen:

Biffy was a very long suffering dog and loved attention of any sort.

I don't even know what to say about those pants but I do know I had orange suede platform shoes with black stripes to wear with them. Paul Derbacher was not kind about that at school but I wore them anyway.

So yeah, can't say that I recommend pink food colouring bibles. Haha bubbles Siri.

Harry couldn't believe I would go outside. And even more he couldn't believe I'd make him move off my coat.

The after pictures of that coat would be a lot more blood spattered looking.

Well, if I ever want to do more art representing my cancer I can use these pictures:

Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!


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