Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Remembering Gerry

Today when I was doing some pre surgery nesting, you know laundry, cooking and clearing off a shelf for wound nurses, I found some loving art work that Emily and Caleb made. When I finally sat down and looked at it tonight I realized it was things they made for my friend Gerry who passed away a few years ago. Here's the kicker. Just this morning Gerry's family was posting loving tributes to her. I'm terrible at times of years but I think it's the 4th anniversary of her death today.

I remember that I wanted to say that Emily was the writer but since I had written it down she insisted that was me. So sweet of Gerry to have kept these things and her family to give them to me when she died.

It also means I haven't cleared off that shelf for four years.

Speaking of sweet, Harry purred pretty much the whole time he wore the shark fin Emily made for him. The fact that it's on backwards is obviously on me.

I wasn't outside long today but apparently Harry had been cooped up long enough so he did another rush out without his leash.

Saving one paw from the cold..

Saving two:

The hind foot kicks are my favourite though.


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