Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Quebec City - August Version

I had the privilege of stopping briefly in Quebec City twice this year and I haven't really shown you the pictures yet. Both times we were on the way home from PEI. These pictures are from August when we were just sad because we had had the best time ever at the Broannie wedding and were bummed it was over. You know, the good kind of sorry-it's-over sad. Flat Brently was heading home with us even though Broannie had gone home to Calgary. It poured torrentially (no exaggeration) all the the way to the bridge.

Best chips ever:

Some interesting flavours.

We checked into our hotel at Levis just outside of Quebec City and headed into the city. A lot if not most of these pictures were taken from the car but it's the thought that counts.

I could spend all day just taking pictures of doors in this city.

There were art installations when you least expected them.

And lots of art galleries.

This was a cool art thing that you could walk through.

More art, not a wilderness store:

The people watching was pretty amazing.

This is the meal where Jim miraculously discovered chocolate mousse and trust me we have benefited from it as a family ever since. My favorite is half cheesecake half mousse.

This is where things got even more magical for me. We had been up since 5 am and they had been driving all day but they now took me hunting for pictures of the cathedral from across the river. I don't actually have that many or certainly any great pictures but it was the experience I will never forget. Three of them were jammed in the back seat and I'm sure dead tired but we drove up and down little side streets across the river from the city stopping whenever we caught a peak. The streets were hilly to say the least. We couldn't imagine traversing them at this time of year!

Flat Brently, Jim, Melissa, Deborah, T.J. and I had a great trip, from Boston where we experienced a Blue Jay game, floods and missing the last train, to unforgettable PEI and home through canada. We travelled well together though Brently of course tended towards flat-ulence after too many beans. Har. There was never a problem keeping our two cars together that a quick text couldn't fix. It was an experience I could never have had without all of you. Love you very much.

Now we just need to get Brently and non-flat Brent and Joannie reunited in Ontario.


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