Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Emily Evening

Tonight we celebrated Emily's birthday early. Her party will be on the 21st but I will either be in the hospital or not looking to go anywhere that day. Besides someone this special should be celebrated often!

Here are just a few pictures to tide you over until the movie.

This Moose has never looked fiercer.

I am an awesome aunt. No card and wrapped using Harrison's tissue paper. However I did apply glitter nail polish to all the nails on the box.


Emma's fierce blue shark!

Nice to have Mike with us!

Someone had an excellent first high school report card and is officially taller than all of us.

And had a lot of chocolate!

Happy early birthday Emily!

I've set up my treadmill as a quasi gaming couch for when teenagers come over. Someone is pretty sure it has his name on it.


Ok so I try to stay away from any off colour language here but come on this is just too perfect:

Finally! I know how it got here. If you see any of these don't accept delivery!

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