Friday, 20 February 2015

The eagle has not landed

So harry and I had just done our goodbye Selfie - he actually snapped it, you can see his leg - when the phone rang and I found out my surgery was cancelled because they didn't have a bed.

I'll be real. I was upset. Such a lot of prep and buildup but a strange feeling to be sad about not being hurt. I want to get it over with. And also I don't actually want to stay overnight in that hospital so it's really frustrating to have important surgery cancelled for that reason. My surgeon would let me go home but the anesthesia pre op team feel I should stay a night for observation and they overrule the surgeons.

My overnight stay there last time was the worst night of my life so yeah I'm a little conflicted about having something cancelled that I don't even want.

They did say that next time they will try to schedule the surgery earlier in the day and I will be less likely to get bumped because I already have been. I don't know when that will be.


My lovely sister Anne who was going to drive me today would have taken me out for lunch but my tummy wasn't up for it so she went out and came back with treats!

Yummy soup and cheese bread and the flowers I regretted not buying a few weeks ago.

She also gave me a valentine cookie and lemon square she had brought along to give me after the surgery.

So sweet and so is this awesome flipagram that Emily made me! see it here

Harry was totally fascinated with the flowers!

In the meantime:

I'm not 100% sure the flowers are safe there but he hasn't looked at them since and he was really gentle. Still maybe best not to leave them there while I sleep. At least Dr. Google says they are not toxic to cats.

Sunny freezing day and you know this had to happen.

My kingdom for a macro lens but I guess I am doing okay.

Oops forgot to look at the view from behind.

Here's one boy who is very happy that his mama is here tonight.


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