Sunday, 22 February 2015

Snowy lozenges of colour

Here are the rest of yesterday's pictures and a few from today.

Emily voluntarily shovelled my path and three neighbours too.

Today a friend posted this picture on Facebook.

Well you know what I had to try now don't you?

Turns out it's not nearly as easy as it looks with food colouring and a sponge brush. Apparently there are kits like this that you can buy at Canadian tire:

Oh well, use what you have is my motto.

There was no brushing paint around on the snow. It froze immediately upon touching the snow so it was more like working with furry little lozenges of colour.

Always time to clean off snowflakes.

When your paint starts to freeze it might be time to stop.

I should maybe have a mirror by the door to wear this hat straight. But I don't think I'd look normal anyway so who cares.

My flowers did not appreciate the cold fun outside yesterday so we'll have to see how they want to play outside for good tomorrow.


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