Sunday, 15 February 2015


Today I had to miss the long weekend family poker game because a few people were not feeling the best and considering that my own tummy was rumbley requiring two stops on the way home from church I was best off at home. I'm not sick, just stuff that happens sometimes.

Anyway I could still go out for little jaunts. Yes it was a tad chilly

And yes the snot in my nose and Kleenex in my pocket froze almost instantly - too much information? - but I finally figured out that water is a much sturdier medium than bubbles are.

I would do little side trips while I waited for freezing to transpire.

I actually like the second last one best.

I would also step inside to warm up from time to time. Harry questioned my sanity as I'm sure most of you are.

I tried throwing hot water into the air but that video consists of water hitting snow and me saying "That was boring."

But the empty mug steamed for a full minute after so that was cool.

Almost impossible to shoot steam in automatic and there was no way I was farting around in manual at this temperature.

The purple sparkle ice is in honour of the Grand Harmony Chorus, especially Norma and Lisa. It never totally froze but I bet it will by morning!

Don't you just love light?

Hope to have more tree decorations tomorrow.

Check out little Lorelei and her pup out west. So cute! Clearly a lot warmer out there.


How many cats does it take...

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