Monday, 2 February 2015

The Cooper bowl, dancing sharks and snow day fun

Shhh don't tell... Cooper's mom and dad are away on a little holiday so he threw a party in their house while they were away. We got into silly hats and rough-housing right away.

Then we played football in the house.

Ozzy promised he was going to tattle on us.

We pretended we just didn't care.

But we settled down.

Graycee shark.

I'd do a who wore it better split screen between her and me but pretty sure she'd win.

Here's a real no no...

But Graycee behaved amazingly well and would not touch it till he dropped it. And yeah I have to confess to bribing her with a tiny piece of chip to get those hat pictures.

Time for the puppies to pick the wrong team.

And the game to begin.

Grace said goodnight.

Cooper's uncle Todd did some juggling to help us get through the less than exciting first half.

Skeletor hand


Who needs half time?


I do cause it's thrown sharks into overdrive!

Apparently the left shark was criticized for being less energetic than the right one. What has the world come to when we need to criticize dancing sharks? Dancing sharks should be sacrosanct.

Juggling a cat tunnel while shooting flames from your eyes is pretty cool though too Todd.

Hey that's my toy!

See I do so use it!

All over but the getting home in the snow.

The sun was out today though.

So the sharkrat saw her shadow!

I was happy to see happy snow day pictures from Caleb and Emily.


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