Friday, 30 November 2012

There's no title in my brain. You can check it's empty

Forgot to blog. Very late. It was a snow day for Harry So he finished off his Movember mustache.

And I tried out my new earbuds.

Meanwhile Bea is still cuter than ever especially after winning our money.

Christmas decorations are up!

Today's favorite Internet find. Good night.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A fine day for a hug

[Aww, Siri changed hunt to hug]

Great day for a walk. Last night Siri said it would only be 3° but we made it up to four. The squirrels were very sporty today

But first of course we pay homage to the grass.

No snow to keep us on the porch.

I think this little guy will make it for two winters at least.

This little Twitter bird never did come out into the open.

Ice on our table.

Apparently we can sit on ice but not walk on it.

Chippy chippy is back.

Waving the red flag.

You are being watched.

Home again home again to get our toes nice and warm.

My name is in Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Sorry to post so many pictures of Harry and the pirate hat but he just keeps doing cuter things.

Ladies and gentlemen we have achieved full on curly toed turtle.

Favorite Internet picture of the day.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Getting to know Siri

Good day. Got my new iPod! I'm writing this with my voice! How cool is that. Siri help me with my research today and sons. that was supposed to be an sentence. And sentence. And sentence. And isn't finished. And as an EMD. That would be D and D. try E and D.

Using my fingers to type that was supposed to be END sentence not "and sons." My sons don't need any help since they don't exist. This may take a while folks we're stilling getting to know each other.

PS you say period. Not and sentence. END!

Bet you didn't know that 0% of men go through menopause and have hot flashes! Well now you do!

Here's Harry getting to know Siri.

We went swimming today so I'm tuckered out but I did take a few pictures.

Kinda sad that my very first picture is blurry but I was moving it pretty hard.

It's going to be a lot of fun to have a flash on my iPod.

Harry got his hat and his bed played together. perfect!

My favorite Internet pictures of the day.

You have to study that last one for a while. Night Night.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tracking Santa

Yeah you know what's not annoying AT ALL? Hot flashes. I here by dispense my naturopathic family members to read up on natural remedies I could take. I myself have taken a self imposed sabbatical from googling symptoms for a while. Thanks.

I figure if I can teach the word vulvectomy to auto correct I can also talk about menopause. Thank you auto correct cause I can talk about it but I sure cant spell it!

I know there are a lot of things far worse than hot flashes, trust me on that, but for flat out annoying not a lot of things come close.

So I got Marky out of the closet today (My Mark's Work Warehouse heavy duty coat) and Harry and I went outside.

Still loves his long grass

Oh ho ho you are so lovely my beautiful Buttercup. (Should be read in Peppy le Pew French.)

Then I tried to talk him into a few steps into the snow.

But he tried to lure me back to sit on the chair instead

In the end he made it a few yards. I was proud of him for trying.

Not really a go though so I took him back in and walked to the garbage bin by myself. He didn't really like that so he may try harder next time.

Very sleepy tiger now.

So the Fed Ex tracker says my iPod is in Cambridge and may come tomorrow. Woo hoo! Come on Santa!

And finally this my favorite meme in a long long time.