Thursday, 31 July 2014

More boston

So this happen today in pei.

Also Melissa Baked a 178 cupcakes more than enough for two each for everybody at the wedding.

ML made bridesmaid Laura's day and possibly year with an ice cream bar cake.

And we had spa day.

You will have to wait till later for the big reveal!

It's too late tonight to download the boat pictures but I have more from our trip.

Once we hit New England the toll booths were now plazas! They didn't seem any fancier but they did tell you how much that toll was which we really appreciated. We've been trying to say the word Massachusetts this whole trip with very little success. Try it!

Small-town Massachusetts.

Boston's South Station:


Not sure where the specific enter.

Now just the ball game and we're done with Boston.

Lobster tomorrow!