Friday, 25 July 2014

Finished but...

I forgot about the part where you have to figure out what medium to use to play the video and then you watch it through again and again to make sure it actually works after you've copied it. And again. And then again. Most of these songs are officially dead to me after August 2 :) Not the last one though, I will never be tired of it. Melissa suggested that one two years ago already as soon as we found out that there would be a wedding.

Tomorrow is officially packing day from beginning to end. Harrison and my friend Susan is coming for her official briefing at three. I'm so lucky to have her to cat sit since Henry will be on the trip too.

So while I copied the video I had time to look at a few more pictures from our bonus Lizzy day.

I do believe we had a higher admirer per baby ratio than anyone else there.

There are still more pictures to come. I do love a baby at a splash park photo op. Hoping it can happen with this sweetheart when I get back from out east.

Lorelei and her mom and dad are visiting from out west very soon!


I don't know if this picture is real but wow anyway! I wish they had been a credit.

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