Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Canada Day

Awesome Canada day at Bingemans.

We started out bowling, well Annette and the girls did. Bowling is not for my hands or arms but it was fun to watch. Hard to take pictures of hence the lack of a picture of Olivia bowling. Not sure what bowling alleys have against light.

Olivia was the big winner. She was awesome!

Ava started out slower but came one pin short of getting three strikes in a row in her last two turns and came within one of Olivia. Amazing comeback!

And Annette, well Annette found the right sized ball for her. Excellent effort.

Actually I think she got two strikes so everyone did great.

We thought we might have to hurry our swim because it sure looked like rain.

But the clouds rolled in and out nicely.

There was underwater Zeeberting going on.

We're planning on going again tomorrow and then more Heather and Lizzy time in the evening!


From Sharon D on Cute Overload:

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