Thursday, 17 July 2014

Meadow lark

I had a good check up at the Hamilton cancer centre today. This doctor thinks I can change my check ups from 3 to 6 months whoot!

Happy that the hospital provides cushions on the porch...

I said it was a good appointment not a fun one.

Mary Lynn had a good appointment yesterday too. Everything is coming together really well. Yay!

They've been painting the beige balconies a beige-r beige around here lately driving Harry a little crazy so I let him check out the cans.

Thanks for the attempt at bug control Mr Robin.

Young cardinal?

Trying to hunt down some moths or butterflies today but they were flighty so here's lots more meadow. Fun place to practice manual settings on the camera and the bugs generally stuck to the flowers. Want to hit it again sometime in full sun and pouring rain. Lately that's within 10 minutes of each other.

Saw the first inklings of the tall plants with the little sunflower type flowers that will run rampant soon.

Harry and I tried some selfies too.

Personal favorite:

Though of course I love this one too:


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