Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Okay I really really have to stop looking at the old videos but it's just so much fun.

I figure by the time Paul gets married I will have figured out how to download the actual videos so we can all hear him say "I love you times 100" while jumping on the trampoline or hiding in a cupboard.

I'm loving all the new pictures of mom and dad too. It's like finding treasure. Better actually.

Such a familiar picture:

Frosty loved to drink from the top. Tap and swirl the toilet water.

August birthdays and then the hundreds. At & and Lenhards. Wow. At & and Lenhards. The cooks.

I loved those spiral T-shirts.

And making cakes. This was an ice cream cone cake.

Not sure when mom started doing the double postal book. Pistol look.

I think Todd used to do it a lot at the time.

Heather showing off her newly decorated room.

Mike and his ponies failed state. Haha. Ponytail stage.

Back in Prince Edward Island there are an awful lot of scenarios of Philip hauling the boys about with heavy machinery. I think this was his first time doing so with a boat.

Let's close off our look into the past (until the wedding) with Paul blowing bubbles.

Thanks for being the cutest little cat ever Paul!

Today was crazy weatherwise. A Truly wait five minutes if you don't like it day.

Harry was not happy about the rain keeping him in.

It cleared up in time to sit out on the porch to wait out a fire alarm (no idea) with my photographer friend Annie.

Al took the picture. He was here to pick up a walker for after his hip replacement tomorrow. God speed!

We watched chippy get Harry's attention.

Then it rained again. Then it sunned again. And eventually Harry got out to hunt the chippy again at 8:30 pm.

I tried to find the clouds in puddles.

I would be remiss not to mention the loss of this treasured lady this past Saturday.

Doris Koch, my sister Anne's cherished mother-in-law. Mom to her husband Leonard.

Doris was ready to head on out.

But it's pretty neat that she got to meet Lizzy before she did.

Godspeed to you too Doris. Well done.

We miss all of our treasures but more than that we are grateful to have had them in our lives.

(laughing at Dave and Nancy Seiling of course)

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