Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunny day in every way

It's warm again. Even cold loving me is happy about it!

That's crocheting not tp Olivia is holding. Annette's making a blanket for Ava's new bed.

Earlier at bowling...

Olivia was all sparkles again.

Model Ava took advantage of the wind machine.

And surprise to me, when I went to the back of the van earlier to get my rollator out I found Emily! I didn't know she was coming! She kept quiet as a mouse and nobody giggled. Amazing. So much fun!

Last but certainly not least, heroic Annette coming off of nearly two straight weeks of nights. She broke the 100 barrier today!

I had planned on going down my water slide again today but when I got to it it was closed. They opened it again later but by then I had spent all my energy in the pool. Maybe tomorrow!

Good night from Professor Itchy Liver Lips.


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