Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Yesterday truly was the best and worst of days. The best totally outweighs the worst and we are safe and healthy but it was a see-saw day for sure.

First of all we blithely set out in teeming rain to catch our commuter train into Boston. Turns out it was a pretty big storm. There was a tornado 28 miles from us in Revere just the other side of Boston. I don't think anyone was injured thankfully. We stayed in a neghbouring town to Boston called Framingham but the train would take us in quickly and easily. However it would not bring us home. That my friends is foreshadowing.

That's water from our car. It was hitting the bottom of the car big time.

After all that we forgot the tickets and missed the train we'd planned to take. No problem we just grabbed the next one an hour and a half later. We thought we'd hit a target for rain coats while we waited but it took nearly all that time to get to the station because traffic was insane. It wasn't even raining anymore, the sun was out and roads dry, we never did find out why traffic was stopped.

So I had my first real train ride ever. Went really well and we were never asked to pay. Score!

First map check in Boston. We wore those suckers out! It was better to figure things out ourselves - the people of Massachusetts were friendly and great but they suck at giving directions.

Cast of characters on this trip:

My niece Melissa taking the picture
Her dad, my brother Jim
TJ my niece Deborah's husband...

Deborah herself who took a lot of these pictures:

We'll have to take a group selfie before the trip is over.

And of course I can't forget Flat Brentley seen here enjoying Quincy Market. See yesterday's blog for explanation if you want to. I'm not promising it makes a lot of sense. I will promise you we're having fun with it!

Anyway we started walking in beautiful downtown boston.

I did pretty good but I didn't make it to the waterfront because of this:

Later that felt like heaven compared to driving a rollator over this:

Anyway Deb had these pictures and Melissa will have more later.

We had lunch at Quincy market.

Boston Pizza! Probably the best I've had.

Jim's sword fish cabob:

There's a restaurant in Quincy Market called Cheers too but this the real building used for the tv show closer to Boston commons. It's not open.

Jim and I headed over to Public Gardens in a cab. This statue was my absolute favourite:

You need to understand that you'll be seeing a lot more pictures of the same things when I download my big camera. Just giving you a heads up on that :)

This guy was peddling!

There were not a lot of flowers at all but it was beautiful non the less.

Ok we'll leave it there. I need to sleep. The ball game needs it's own post. Jays won 14-1! We are in St Stevens New Brunswick and will be at ML's tomorrow! Yay!

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