Tuesday, 15 July 2014

3 walks

First walk started in brilliant sunshine.


Made it home just before it poured.

Harry declined the wetter second walk.

I swear that's what color this flower is in fact I had to tone it down a bit

Hard to get the orange right.

I ventured over to the bug garden which is in exuberantly wild bloom.

Some thistles in honor of Heather and Lizzy heading home to Scotland today.

The meadow flowers were a nice surprise.

I got so wrapped up in my second walk that I almost forgot to be home in time to be picked up to go out for supper at Bauer's!

Great food and even greater friends!

The one and only picture from our third walk:

My stinky stinky shoes are banished! Not sure what's going on but they can't be in my house. Thought about placing them facedown over the Chippie hole but as a rule I am a pacifist.



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