Friday, 4 July 2014

More blasts from the past

Disclaimer I will be using Siri to type my blogs for a while because my tendinitis is getting bad. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't open my screen door with my left hand. No more knitting for me. I will not be going back to correct Siri's grammar or spelling. It will be an adventure!

I can still use my mouse hand so I should be able to finish the movie for my nephew and his fiancé.

Here are some more pictures I found from home movies.

Mom's birthday at Chi Chi's. Dad was laughing so hard.

Styling gym. Gym. J IM.

Trying really hard not to make a barrette reference. Bharat. Borat!

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Mom and dad with Erik.

Jim's new house.

My first cat mosey enjoyed a basket right. Right. Ride.

She also enjoyed being swung three sixty in a grocery bag. But she didn't really enjoy Luke.

However she could take care of herself quite well!

Love this:

I was going to save pictures of Paul for any future events he may have but the videos are chock-full of him doing cute things.

I have so many questions about the girl in the gingham dress.

If she is scooby's handler she has transcended that job. Well done!

Because who doesn't want a big plate full of spaghetti and orange pop after they've been riding rides all day?

Today's catwalk consisted of treeing a chipmunk first and then a squirrel.

Harry is lucky that Chippy didn't pop out of this hole and the Pimp. Wow Siri. Nip him.

Chippie never did come down.


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