Monday, 7 July 2014

Farewell to the water camera

Just a few pictures today.

I'm watching the home video with sound now. They are at Canada's Wonderland and Luke runs over to Mary Lynn and says - I've got a maaaajor wedgy, did you happen to bring a pair of pliers? Then he says - and the worst of it was… and ML perhaps wisely stops taping.

Some pictures from last week at the pool. We'll have to enjoy them because the water camera has apparently bitten the dust. It has flatlined and is non responsive.

I went on the waterslide again. I think the second time took for courage because I knew what to expect. More.

They are building me up to perhaps try the purple slide. Wilsie. We'll see.

I love Cloud watching from the pool. Not sure Cloud needed a capital Siri. Okay will roll with it.

The wavy corner. Doesn't look like much but it's powerful. Although nowhere near as powerful as it used to be in the old days before someone lost their life. Nowadays unless you're in that specific corner it's very mild. I'm glad or I would have to get out every 20 minutes.

Goodbye waterhammer it's been great. Ha, water camera.

Harry's loving his new tissue paper.

But right now he's a cuddle bug.


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