Sunday, 6 July 2014


I am knee-deep in pictures for the wedding video. But I keep passing through stuff that's too cute not to look at.

Emily saying the name she had for me: "Orrrrrrrrrrr!"

Found the picture of you and ML reading the Cheaver book Emily!

She can do the Rubik's cube for real now.

Emily helping out on my porch. I loved having my garden in wagons.

We had another wedding in pei a few years ago when ML's son Luke married Jennifer.

It was awesome fun and we are looking forward to another wedding.

It was very cool that mom could come with us last time.

She was well into Alzheimer's but she had fun anyway.

Meanwhile in 1992 - Matchy matchy!

ML and me rocking our Crimpoline pant suits at the zoo circa 1970.

And last but not least Paul on the curb.

Another big cat walk today.

We nearly got run over by a wheelchair guy yesterday despite our red flag.

You want to step lively near motorized vehicles around here.

Crane flys I think.

Call me crazy but I wouldn't lay down on them.

You can tell I did not have my iPod to listen to books with so while Harrison "rested" I was down to trying to catch water dropping from the hose to amuse myself.

I love that my neighbors are starting to point out Animals to me.

Apparently rabbits are not on Harrison's list of things to get excited about.

And we were not perceived as threats.


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