Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Birthdays and rain

Happy birthday Heather. It's too late tonight to edit the pictures but it was a great evening!

It was hard to say good bye to Heather and Lizzy tonight till they visit again but I have a ton of pictures to edit still and that will help!

Actually here are a few:

Pam and Zameer got some great smiles.

And Great Aunt Karen had a good cuddle.

Lizzy and I did some selfies.

She was serious about that baby in the picture!

I know I said I don't like walking in the heat but the exception to that is rain! I edited these earlier in the afternoon.

Mr I'm not going anywhere:

Well until it poured!

Taking pictures in the rain is great but when the sun comes out right away it's awesome.

The roof was steaming!


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