Sunday, 20 July 2014

Love the one you're with

Another beautiful - rainy/sunny/rainy/sunny - rinse and repeat day.

The Rose sisters bush is not doing so well this summer. That's okay.

I took a long distance picture to see what was going on in the flower bed yard across the road. Wasn't sure I was going to go over but I'm glad I did.

Get used to these red flower pictures because you're going to see a few :)

These things are so much fun:

The sun came out and I thought that maybe I deserved to see a rainbow cause it was also still raining.

Then I stopped looking for rainbows and enjoyed the sun jewel raindrops instead. Because that's what was right in front of me.

Back home it was not long before Harry wanted to go outside.

This grass must be very tasty because he's more into it than the catnip.

Laps it up like ice cream.

This yellow bird does not sit still long. Someday I hope to spot it when Harrison is not pulling me in the other direction.

But a squirrel in a tree is a squirrel in a tree and we are mighty hunters first and foremost.


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