Wednesday, 30 July 2014

We made it!

So when last we met we were having a really great day in Boston after surviving torrential rains and an hour and a half traffic jam in the morning.

Around five we headed to Fenway Park by subway and so did everyone else! There was barely room to hang onto a railing but I did it. Then a nice man offered me his seat and another man wearing a Jay's hat and a Canadian shirt immediately jumped into it so I just hung on some more. I wonder if it was the obnoxious Canadian fan that was sitting behind us all night. (The Boston fans were very gracious.) But that was the only fly in the ointment at the game. TJ even took a tour right up to the green monster. That's a huge wall in left field. During the game a Blue Jay hit a homerun over the wall and smashed somebody's windshield.

Flatbread Lee had a really good time and even had some cotton candy. Ha ha autocorrect Flat Brentley.

Yep Santa was there.

One of the funniest things that happened was that a group of Boston fans were taking a group selfie directly behind us and Deborah quickly stood up and held her Bluejay hat over their heads to Florida bum them. Whoops, photo bomb! Yikes!

So yeah the the jays won 14 to 1 and we had a great time. We had lots of time till our 11:35 train (the last of the night) left for Framingham where we were staying three towns away from Boston so we hung out at the train platform. While we were waiting for the train one came in we asked the conductor if it was our train and he said no that one would be coming later. But he did take the time to tell us we were on the right track. So we waited with great confidence on a different side of the track from all the other people even when a nice man who had been taking pictures at the ball game asked us if we were okay and we cheerfully said yes.

Well you've probably figured it out, we were on the wrong side of the tracks and watched helplessly as the train pulled away out of reach. Jim wonders if there is a conspiracy between the conductor that told us we were on the right track and the taxi driver who just happened to be waiting at the bottom of the steps and was not surprisingly more than happy to drive us back to our hotel in Framington.

We're all kicking ourselves for not getting it right but it wasn't one person, it was a group mistake.

So we are dead tired after driving all the day before and sightseeing in the hot sun all day. We hopped in the taxi van and head off to the I 90. And you guessed it… a huge traffic jam. Just what you want when the meter is ticking. I don't know how long we crawled but it was a long time.

Actually I thought that $75 wasn't that bad of a price and as we had ridden the train for free in the morning, if there hadn't been a traffic jam, it probably would've come close to that amount anyway.

In the long run it wasn't a big problem, but at the time when you're so tired it is kind of devastating to miss the last train.

Anyway the next day we travelled through Maine the most barren land I've ever seen. This pretty much sums it up.

We stayed in St. Stevens New Brunswick overnight. And after $2.95 breakfast we headed towards Prince Edward Island.

This was my first time over the bridge.

Mostly you see this:

First stop the cows store!

Then it was time to see the real Brent and Joannie!

Such a sweet couple!

They took the time to help Jim shop for some dress pants.

Melissa and I helped them make their menu cards for the wedding while they went to see their photographer.

Then we headed on to ML's!

The best thing ever was the news the ML's bloodwork has come back really well again. 70% of her blood is now Jim's! Woohoo!

My other sister Anne is here already helping out and she and ML prepared a huge chicken dinner for everyone.

Such fun to see this little cutie and her mom and dad again!

After supper it was time for poker of course.

Joannie's dad Jose was the big winner. Well done!

That's Joannie's mom Joyce in the picture as well claiming half his winnings.

Anne has taken a lot of nice pictures in the little while she has been here. Anything you see with a timestamp will be her picture.

They were catching three herring at a time sometimes!

Some of the beautiful bridesmaids!

ML's husband Philip.


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