Friday, 28 February 2014

Grieving spring

I'm moving through the various stages and today I decided to accept winter. Chances are pretty good that I will regress to denial or anger tomorrow.

It was glorious to be outside in the sun. With my warmest coat on I was able to take my hat off and soak up some D. Apparently -16 to -20 is the new normal.

The sidewalks weren't fantastic, but the snow gave traction and lowered the ice risk factor from crazy to moderately foolish. I was very careful.

Yep, still standing after all that wind yesterday.

I like blurred backgrounds but every once in a while I'm happy to see no fuzziness on the stem.

Grandpa Henry will be home soon to see his little elf.

But first one more sunset.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

This and that

Today's weather moving in in dramatic fashion near Toronto. It did this all day. Lots of total white outs, roads were a mess.

I had an appointment with the dentist today. I was driven by a volunteer from community drivers. He was very nice and we didn't have to talk all the time which I enjoy. Anyway he was busy dodging pot holes, garbage cans and even a pizza box. We decided it was a new method of pizza delivery that comes with free extra toppings of gravel and ice. I told him he gets all kind of credit for driving on a day like this.

I had a great dental check up then I went home and ate a cookie and the side of my tooth fell off. No relation to the appointment I don't think. Doesn't hurt, it's just annoying and I have to go back on Tuesday. But truly if that's my only problem today I call myself a fortunate person!

Look at what my niece Annette made for her kids today!

That's rice in the background. Cool eh?

Lizzy is one month old already!

Didn't bother trying Harry outside, he could hear the wind whistling and he was having non of walking in the hall.

To his credit he did try the hall a few weeks ago of his own choosing but I guess it is still to weird out there for him.

After my indoor walk (starting to wonder how the rose sisters are) we started a catnip toy sewing project.

Harry choose this picture.

Stay tuned.

Some awesome art I forgot from the other day!

Emily all snug in her new birthday bedding!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hockey time

Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with some of my favorite folks.

Max and Luke and I always exchange new apps. I was able to initiate them in the ways of the Clumsy Ninja.

I think both of them are black belts in real life so I imagine they can teach the little guy a thing or two.

Like how to deflect a watermelon with his head...

or his butt.

This little guy needs a lot of positive reinforcement high-fives or he'll sulk.

Harry is more than happy to provide him with lots of high-fives. More on that another day.

Luke's hockey team just won a tournament this past weekend!

The day was extra special because I got to go see him play.

The bright green stick made it easy to find Luke with the camera!

Front and center listening to the coach:

It wasn't a win but only two days after a big tournament win it wasn't a big deal.

Speaking of big deals, look who turned one year old today!

That's right, Rebekah from the east. Look at all that hair she's growing to match her big eyes!

My brother Henry is in Florida again this week. I'm finding that I'm not quite as sympathetic to his plight as I was during his last trip since we've yet again entered another polar vortex. I am happy for him and all but come on winter give it up!

He's a little more adventurous with his sushi than I am.

That's the real deal!

Not sure how I'm going to get to bed tonight cause I left it all at the pool tonight. Good feeling though.