Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More of a TARDIS than a bunny home

Yesterday was not sparkly. But the sidewalk was passible and that's all that matters.

This chappie was in a tearing hurry.

There was a moment of free fall...

but things were right side up shortly.

You know this little bunny hut?

Apparently it's more than that! A neighbour told me the other day that it's actually a tunnel.

He's seen squirrels dive under and pop up magically seconds later at the top of the hill by the fence.

Not sure if you can make it out but I'm pretty sure the way down is via tobogganing.

Today's outdoor walk was short and not so sweet.

Harry couldn't believe I'd try to go out today.

There was only one door I could get out beside my own and that was the main door. I made it from there to my door and back a few hundred yards.

Super villain with pointy ears?

Harry had me put his harness on but didn't set a pinkie outside. He is a smart cookie.

I walked the hallway twice later cause there was no swimming tonight. A first was that I did the first round without stopping. The second round was an attempt at posture and heel toe walking.

I also did a few stairs the right way, just half a flight and that was um interesting, esp coming down. So now my knee hurts a little, but how awesome is that? Because the sucker used to hurt a lot - ALL the time. So yay!


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