Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ice ice kitty

I made it around to the back of the building just in time...

to see this man erasing the icicles. Wow I had no idea how to spell icicle!

I love shadows on snow. Which, I'm sure, is more than you can say for Wiarton Willy.

And I'm grateful for Mountain Ash for colour. They remind me of Mom because for a whole summer she was stuck on the same memory of them on her home farm.

Long after she couldn't think of new conversation she would point out big big trees.

It wasn't strong sun today but it was sun none the less. Not often the sky is this shade of blue - that I notice anyway. I was looking for a winter rainbow because it was snowing too.

Some of these rose pictures are obviously mistakes I've made using manual settings and I could've doctored them but it seems important not to use make up on the ladies so other than cropping they're as is.

Could've deleted them too but I like them.

Harry's spike plant has become a giant snow cat. It was the only cat on the porch today since the wind chill was -20

Not sure yet if he's friend or foe.


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