Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mooning around

Thursday was my first time trying to shoot the moon (Ha!) at night.

The Scream?

Absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Except having fun.

Nurses too. Or anybody who works with the general public really.

Earlier, while I was shooting the squirrels this crow posed for me the whole time in the same tree as the squirrels.

Didn't really bother him when I was sitting almost directly underneath him.

I had no idea that they have light colour underneath their wings. That's not just reflection.

Awesome day at IKEA today. Bought some mugs and just generally had a fantastic day with friends.

Emily had a banner day too. She won this at a fundraiser!

Harrison is still not quite himself since his booster shots on Thursday. He's not walking funny anymore and he's still eating and drinking so I think it's just a matter of waiting it out like a reaction to a flu shot.

Today he actually insisted on putting his harness on but then he lay down for a rest.

I had no idea that he actually kind of helps me while I'm putting the harness on in the way that he moves his body until he didn't today.

He did eventually step out for a minute.

20 seconds really.


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