Monday, 10 February 2014

Muskrat hat love

Harry and I made a movie today. I'd love if you watched it. You can click here to see it.

Consider it an early valentines gift from me and Harry and the hat.

Windchill was only -12 today. Balmy. Always a challenge to catch the snow in the air.

Just so that my rollator wheels made it through some spots.

Icicles 2 - icicle knocking down guy 0:

I saw a shy sun for about a minute.

I thought I saw the red bird but upon stretching out the lens I saw it was a lonely leaf.

Playing with exposure again. (On the camera, I'm not getting undressed outside.)

Happy that sometimes now I'm liking my manual pictures better than the auto ones.

No way to tell at the time though because my glasses are so steamed up. That's the biggest drawback of the mega warm muskrat hat. I think my head literally steams.

The lighter coloured ones are more the true colour.

I've become almost as attached to that jaunty ripped leaf behind the roses as the flowers.

As well as the entrance to the indoor short cut up the hill.

Up to the iPod to get the close up snowflakes.

I ran into my friend Bea on my way home through the hall. I could take pictures of her face all day long. She is so beautiful. So much life lived.

I know I know move away from the window.

I don't know if she'll like this next one but I love it. She wasn't mad, just talking about getting her hair done. I think it's one of the best pictures I have ever taken. The hand kills me.

When I got home Harry was able to take a sniff outside.

After a certain number of days inside he doesn't care if it's snowing or not. Just like me :)


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