Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Weather tis nobler...

Harrison gets the lead story today. I'm so proud of him. Almost every day he's been working up his courage.

And today it paid off.

Sidewalk baby!

Even some car sniffing.

I have no idea what he's looking for under cars or what he'll do when he finds it.

Important to always let him decide when his feet are too cold and he wants to head home.

Big shout out to the neighbour who's been keeping my porch and path clear!

Harry felt so brave and proud. It called for a big big nap.

My walk was pretty cool too. Ha. Cool and cold but awesome because it started out cloudy and then the sun came out.

I headed north over to the entrance of the forest instead of around the building today.

I thought this was the moon at first.

But it brought light with it - depending which way you flew.

Up north there was lots of chance for Elf background shots.

I've loved Birch trees ever since my Davy Crockett years. For some reason I was sure I'd use bark to write "Help I'm being held captive - send help" messages.

I made it to the entrance of the trail but no closer.

I wasn't expecting to go down the steep hill but I thought I would be able to get closer to this:

Turns out nobody was home anyway. But it got me to walk further and that's a good thing.

At that point the sun was almost hot for a few minutes.

Someone's bike might be a bit rusty come spring.

Probably my favourite sky picture of the day as I headed home. The weather just couldn't make up it's mind.

Grandma Anne made it to Scotland! Yay!


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