Sunday, 16 February 2014

Max-imum poker day

Nothing like a little snow from a blue sky.

Harry is pretty much back to rights and he's getting so brave about walking in the cold.

My home porch icicles.

Family poker time today since it's a long weekend.

Max (and Al) came to pick me up. Time for a photo shoot in the snow first.

The elf mobile was along to model too.

Refuelling time.

This boy loves snow.

He loves chasing down little pieces of bread too!

More of the Max photos on Facebook.

Poker time.

Emily made this iPod case with her rainbow loom!

That's all crafted with elastics!

Caleb and Karen crafted some sushi for the first time!

It was awesome!

Cooper was generous with his grandpa's chips.

My sister Mary Lynn joined us from PEI via Skype.

Just in time to see an unprecedented 5 way split pot.

This happened to me fairly early in the game:

That's a picture of all my missing chips - ending my run of coming in at least second for a long while.

I was already at home when the game ended but Caleb sent me a picture of the winner.

On one hand it's nice that the host has been winning a lot but I think next time I'm going to ask Cooper to play with my chips first too :)

Big shout out to Karen who not only made Sushi for the first time today but also came in second!


I have now officially seen it all:

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  1. Max is such a beautiful dog. Keep an eye open for the Ice dogs photo competition. I won two years ago and have not seen it since but these pics of Max would surely win for the category "dogs having fun in the snow".