Thursday, 20 February 2014

Haggis transporting

My family has a long fine tradition of traveling with food items. We used to keep it mainly to domestic trips. When my sister married and moved to Prince Edward Island anytime someone headed east their car or suitcase became a vessel for my mother to send stuff. A lot of stuff.

What I never understood is that most of it was Maple syrup in glass jars.

I can't tell you how many times my suitcase clanked and I would have to carefully picked glass out of my clothing. Enough of it must've got through because it kept happening.

Onetime when Mom and Karen were flying to PEI on their own Mom was caught at the airport with 3 or 4 pairs of scissors in her purse. She wasn't forgetful yet, she had just wanted to make really sure she didn't forget scissors so she stuck a pair in every now and then over the days she packed. Luckily for her the man behind her in the security line had a handgun and she was passed along.

As recently as 2006 when my nephew got married our clothing smelled of summer sausage most of the trip. By this time the sender was no longer my mother but my sister Anne who recently went to Scotland to meet her new granddaughter Lizzy.

I distinctly remember trying to pass through security and because Anne's carry-on was too heavy most of us had to take a summer sausage in ours. I was no different on the way home when I tried to bring home a lobster for Gerry in a non regulation carton.

It should come as no surprise then that Anne's can of haggis did not pass security today. They thought it might contain beef although the ingredients read:

Lamb lobes-45%, Oatmeal 19%, Scottish Water, Onion, Salt, Spices.

Mmmmmmm lamb lobes.

Little Lizzy does not look too enthused about it.

But Anne made it home safe and sound despite luggage delays, losing her haggis and most of the chutneys that Heather had sent home as gifts, and crawling home on the 401 at 20 mph because of the weather. Quite a long day!

Speaking of weather today Harry and I sat together and watched it from indoors. Snow, rain and lightening tonight. I think spring weather is actually more dangerous for walking because of ice under snow so I walked indoors.

Played with the camera for a while and found out that I can change the strength of the flash. I am still more about natural light but that's something that might be useful down the road.

Earlier Harry and I watched the hockey game. Not much to yell about till the end.

Apparently I don't yell that often.

In other sister news my sister Mary Lynn, she of the receiving of much maple syrup and summer sausage, is doing very well on the road to her stem cell transplant for leukemia. My brother Jim is a perfect match and we're optimistic that everything will be awesome by summer when many of us will be headed to PEI for ML's son Brent's August wedding. Not sure what we'll be transporting this time!

Emily's birthday party tomorrow!



Here's something I've never seen on my walks:

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  1. Good news about Mary Lynn, I'll keep her and Jim in my prayers.