Monday, 24 February 2014

Emily is 11

This is Emily on her first day of school.

I was there when Karen picked them up.

We went out to the farm to get some corn.

There was lots of time for pictures because I locked the keys in the van!

Today I got to be there when Emily came home from school on her birthday.

I had been visiting with Mr. Whiskers earlier.

He graciously allows me to provide him with treats.

Sticking his head into the treat cupboard is his not so subtle hint.

Caleb got home first, some sort of device is never far away from homework. A far cry from word wall days.

The scholastic order came just in time with some birthday presents!

Caleb gave Emily an add on to her rainbow loom.

Fingernail art from the kit I gave her.

A new duvet and cork board for the bedroom renno that is coming up.

Some other gifts not pictured. Then we went downstairs to dance

Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up has a long fine tradition in our family.

Well I mostly did arm stuff on the couch but next time I'm totally going to try it standing up.

Emily chose to go to Ye's again for dinner. Yum.

She's getting so grown-up about trying new things. Wasn't real keen on the chocolate Jell-O though.

Speaking of trying new things, Caleb got some chocolate sauce and dipped a french fry into it.

Then he stepped it up a notch with the deep-fried shrimp.

Had to think a little bit about this one.

But it got a thumbs-up too. I was laughing too hard to capture it.

Did a little bit better research this time about the order forms on the table. They gave us these menus. Everything on them was included in the buffet so you can have your sushi made up fresh.

It was a super great Emily day!



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  1. HAPPY Birthday Emily! Looks like a FAB day!