Friday, 14 February 2014

Squirrelly home run

Yesterday I had a fun squirrel time.

These two were up and down the tree with their tasty treats. French fries I think. (wasn't me)

Sudden attack of the itchies:

Then something really neat happened.

This little guy decided he'd had enough to eat and it was time to go home.

But he took something with him for the family.

And best of all…

he used the rose sister shortcut! Yep that's a tail sticking out:

Two seconds later he popped out up here.

The commute was a fairly long one...

There were a few flights...

But he never dropped a crumb.

So cool!

This sign is on the door that I fell outside of. It's nice that they put up a sign.

The only problem is that I would've probably come up to it to see what it said. My neighbors have been so supportive and I'm happy to say that there are no ill effects from the fall.

I did however leave all of the ice walking up to Harrison yesterday. Brave boy!

Cooper's ride has been out and about for photo shoots and I hope to get it out again before the snow melts.

There was no catwalk today as Harrison is still recovering from the effects of his shots.

Cooper and Dana came over to visit and check up on him. (Dana is a vet tech.)

Harrison mustered up a bit of co laser play.

And Cooper blew me a kiss! Can't ask for a better valentine than that!


Love from mars:

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