Monday, 10 February 2014

Sunny with the chance of brrr

It was NOT balmy today but I wore my red bird hat anyway. It did mean my glasses didn't steam up but not sure it's a good idea. Especially when I'm sitting playing with Photosynth or chasing squirrels. Don't want to get frost bite.

I have no idea what I'm doing with this app. You're supposed to crop out the rough edges like above but I like the uncropped ones too.

Maybe better.

The other day my friend and neighbour Annie Gingrich caught a muskrat headed green coated blue striped wobbler outside her window. Just like the birds I chase it's hard to get a clear shot when there's a tree between you and them :) but again I probably like these better for the tree.

Thanks Annie!

So yeah, sunny and cold today.

Bottle brush squirrel running home.

Well you can tattle on me if you want (we're not supposed to feed the birds or vermin) but today I shared a few peanuts. It's been a really hard winter and I'm not sorry.

The best thing I can do for Harrison is not take him outside until after I've had my walk. While I'm getting dressed up he runs around like a madman and today by the time I got back he had himself psyched up to go outside big time.

We got so close to the sidewalk! I think as soon as it gets warm he will be ready to go a lot further. Don't think there will be a few weeks delay in spring like usual because we've kept it up.

And finally please enjoy little Lizzy Cat fresh from her first bath.

Her grandma Anne flew over to Scotland today to meet her. Yay!

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