Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Puffy beige hawk down

So yeah. This happened today.

In case it's not clear, that's me on the ground. You can tell because I don't usually dip my camera into snow banks.

I was out of routine because I only went halfway round the building as it was a swimming night. So I decided to skip the rose sisters and go in a different door than usual.

Note to self: always visit the rose sisters.

Out on the sidewalk I'm constantly watching for ice but since I was 3 feet from the door I was already checking my mail in my head and missed a big fat slick of ice. Wasn't black either. I mean this lives over top of that door so it shouldn't have come as a surprise.

Except that's an old picture, there's a lot more now and a whole lot of icicles too so that was another clue.

Anyway it happened faster than you can say - whuuuuuu? I felt/heard some interesting crackling in my back and my whole right side is sore but mostly I laughed. Because neither my new knee, camera or anything else broke. That makes it a good day. My back hasn't decided if the crackling is a good - nature's chiropractic adjustment or if it needs to throw a temper tantrum. Morning will tell. I put (more) ice in it as soon as I got home. I had a good 10 minutes of natural ice on it while I figured out how to get up.

I took 5 selfies because blog and was mildly disappointed later that except for the whole camera covered in snow thing it just kinda looks like I'm leaning against a tall snow bank.

I totally should've made some snow angels while I was down there like my friend suggested!

I did leave some sort of slithery python trail as I scooted over to a trellis and pulled myself up. Yay new upper body strength!

I want to thank the neighbors that helped. It was nice not to be alone and the keyholder will report the area to housing.

And the good news for all you nurses out there is that you will not need to fill out multiple fall reports.

Here are the before pictures.

Zee again. Love those majestic ears!

Harry totally would've made the sidewalk again today except there were snow removal machines whirring about.

Don't tell him but he's going to the vet tomorrow for his annual checkup. Shhh.

Karen and the kids and I headed to the mall for supper.

And then we went swimming. My theory is that when my back is bad what I do to help it is go swimming to stretch it out. Turning somersaults is how I stretch it. I beat my record of two tonight, well it was 2 3/4 but still! Videos tomorrow.

Yep my camera still works :)

Caleb got his Christmas gift from grandma tonight. There was a bit of a mixup on the day but it's all squared away now.

That's my wall of inspiration behind him. A picture of the kids and their artwork that inspire me every day to keep trying. Harrison has torn some of them down as he's a bit of an art critic.

Tomorrow on this blog we will be having a cute baby roundup, something to look forward to.

Okay let's see if I can get to bed!


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