Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ice ice maybe

Lookit my new Melissa hat!

Custom designed cats! I love it.

Okay. No need to lecture. I am totally aware that I should not have walked outside today. It was pretty reckless.

In my defence the ice started gradually, there was none around front and by the time I knew I was being dumb it was just as dangerous to turn around.

At this point I actually took to the snow bank and went cross country.

Also I blame the sun.

Harry moseyed out for a bit as I was out putting down salt. He was acting all cool about not having his harness on.

If you ever wonder if he'd take off this should answer your question. Mind you I shouldn't let him do this. I don't want him to get confident on his own.

I was cleaning off my iPod today and ran across these pictures.

How adorable, I had a hat on and there was hardly any snow! It was probably only about - 5 or something.

Yep, going to wear my hair like this to church tomorrow!



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