Thursday, 27 February 2014

This and that

Today's weather moving in in dramatic fashion near Toronto. It did this all day. Lots of total white outs, roads were a mess.

I had an appointment with the dentist today. I was driven by a volunteer from community drivers. He was very nice and we didn't have to talk all the time which I enjoy. Anyway he was busy dodging pot holes, garbage cans and even a pizza box. We decided it was a new method of pizza delivery that comes with free extra toppings of gravel and ice. I told him he gets all kind of credit for driving on a day like this.

I had a great dental check up then I went home and ate a cookie and the side of my tooth fell off. No relation to the appointment I don't think. Doesn't hurt, it's just annoying and I have to go back on Tuesday. But truly if that's my only problem today I call myself a fortunate person!

Look at what my niece Annette made for her kids today!

That's rice in the background. Cool eh?

Lizzy is one month old already!

Didn't bother trying Harry outside, he could hear the wind whistling and he was having non of walking in the hall.

To his credit he did try the hall a few weeks ago of his own choosing but I guess it is still to weird out there for him.

After my indoor walk (starting to wonder how the rose sisters are) we started a catnip toy sewing project.

Harry choose this picture.

Stay tuned.

Some awesome art I forgot from the other day!

Emily all snug in her new birthday bedding!


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