Monday, 30 June 2014

Screen shots to the heart

I'm taking screen shots from ML's home movies for the wedding video I'm making. Can't show you the ones I want to use but I found some gems from their visit to Ontario in 1992.

Karen was at the airport to greet them.

Wearing my camisole btw :)

Home sweet home:

Henry dressed for sport

The little red school house

Me and my car Pearl

Dad's Multi with the screen at the front to keep the cat off.

Quite a jolt to see mom and dad alive and vital.

Shirley Degraaf making mom laugh

No idea who that guy is but pretty sure Shirley is telling the pig with 3 wooden legs joke cause she's holding some ham.

Thanks Shirley :) And ML for recording all this.

They took a drive down memory lane and Karen showed her playground skills.

The farmhouse where we lived for four years.

Grossmommie's grave.

Home again for some classic grandma time for Paul.

Me demonstrating Henry's state of the art computer.

Aaron feeding the swans. He got nipped a couple of times.

Al demonstrating with stilts the possible reason for his upcoming hip replacement.

ML stayed off the steps but did ok.

Mom and Erik.

Pretty good for 67 year old with a tricky heart:

I have to keep working at last weeks pictures cause I'm heading to Bingeman's again tomorrow for more if the weather smartens up.

I was looking at skin tone tonight.

Putting on sun screen.

Cutest Mohawk ever.

Just a few porch pictures today. I had no intentions of going out at all but Harrison talked me into it.

Then he didn't move a muscle. Too hot.

Once the King tut plant thrives we'll have to bring strands in to play with cause he's killing the peacock feathers

I'm really glad to be getting to swim so much so I don't have to walk in the heat and bugs.

Feels like 34 or 38 or some such nonsense.

No idea why I have a coffee sign in my flower bed.


Happy Canada day!