Saturday, 14 June 2014

Can't narrow this day down

Life is truly amazing kind of day with friends and family. 800+ pictures again.

Brief visit with this little chappie:

Augie is a one fellow greeting extravaganza/lovefest

Love the one tooth in one tooth out look.

Then it was over to Puslinch lake for lunch.


Then on to Stratford for our second annual knit in public day. Many pictures of course but for now you'll just see the usual suspects at the tail end of the event.

Those are my kind of group photos. Pure happenstance and marvellously imperfect. I love seeing Vivi asking Melissa to dance.

Emily had her hand X-rayed today but they won't get the results till Monday or Tuesday. She's being a real trooper and enjoying waving like the queen with her bandaged hand.

The swans saw that we were the only show in town so they came over en masse for the corn that Anne gleaned for them. The light was nearly gone but here are just a few pictures.

Then over to Deb's for a campfire and to watch the Shakespeare fireworks. Sorry we missed you Anne we had to stop at a store.


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