Sunday, 29 June 2014


Today we headed out to Anne's to see Heather and Lizzy again and work on Lizzy's hungry caterpillar quilt.

My family likes a lot of things but I think babies top the list. We've not reached Dugger heights but we are fortunate to have some really great babies to love. (Course we love our big kids to pieces too!)

I didn't get a whole lotta quilting pictures because I kept hearing peals of baby laughter from the living room and come on, there's no ignoring that!

One of the chief gigglers was sweet little Graycen.

She is adorable and so smiley. She is the daughter of Al and Mary's son Aaron and his wife Stephanie.

It was really special for Graycen and Lizzy to meet because they are only three months apart in age.

Next time Lizzy visits from Scotland they will likely both be running around. Well unless we get to see them sooner! Today they were fascinated by each other but just as much by their older cousins.

As you can see both babies had their patriotism on display.

And Lizzy quickly and completely won the hearts of the people who were meeting her for the first time.

She won their noses too.

As usual there was lots of good food - delicious hamburgers and mason jar salads put together by Emily to name a few.

That's where I found Coop! He mostly hung outside with the guys today.

We had a big rain so I slipped outside for a few pictures of Anne's beautiful garden.

Earlier in the day I had been greeted by this:

Love love love the open bird cage!

Meanwhile back at the quilt...

I was knitting! I did put a few stitches in the quilt and will put in more on Wednesday but we have a top secret craft project we need to get done on or around August 2ndish :) and I needed to see if I could still knit.

But again, come on, babies!

Auntie Deborah:

Obviously Daddy:

And over the moon Nannie:

These are not our only babies but they made today sweeter than we could ever ask or hope for.

PS Erik has a new baby too!


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