Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cooper's entourage

Caleb was saying that Cooper is just getting to be more and more fun and he is absolutely right!

At the playground Coop is all about the slides.

Cooper found the little ball to be conducive to teething.

He noticed that he was getting some good laughs and really hammed it up for us.

Cooper likes to include the whole class.

Then he had another idea. Such a funny guy.

The grownups couldn't manage the big round one but the football worked :)

My beautiful mermaid.

Next stop the warm pool.

Cooper found everyone's noses for them.

Then he booped everyone. No noggin left behind.

And lastly there was a rousing game of this little piggy.

If it's funny once...

There was even two sets of piggies going at once.

High fives for his whole fan club and away he went.

Let's check in with our other blog babies.

Gonna see this sweet girl the first week of August!

And this cutie in August too!

And here's Lizzy telling the queen that she's visiting one of the colonies on the 16th of this month!

Then Lizzy realized that she's 50% Scottish and probably shouldn't be seen hob-nobbing with the queen at all unless there's no Scottish team in the World Cup and they're both at the pub cheering for the UK.

Your secret is safe with us :)

Today was really beautiful.

Don't think these are rose buds but not sure what they'll turn out to be.

Today things were really booming over in the wildflower/biting bug area.

This'll be a before picture for when things really get tall.



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  1. How is that one hostage (Hosta) leaf coming along?