Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sun & Rain

Look what Emily did today!

Second place at the regional softball throw at the university! She said that when they announced her for the ribbon they said "And in second place, with a broken hand, Emily S!"

Yup not bad for no opposable thumb. Lucky she throws with her right hand.

Proud of you Sweetie!

Tomorrow is a big day for Caleb. He's graduating from grade eight. I'd lament that they are growing up too fast except I've enjoyed (and over documented) each moment and I love the young adults that they've become.

Hard to believe we were wearing coats on Saturday.

I'm going to be showing you a lot of pictures of flowers now but you might as well stop right here because you might be dead from the cuteness of Lizzy. I get to meet her on Saturday!

Yeah, just casually hanging out on a neighbours porch. Don't mind me.

Sadly chippie wasn't home today.

Roses and peonies at the same time is almost too much.

Last winter's roses are in full bloom.

First petal:

Had to head out again when it started raining.


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