Monday, 9 June 2014

A kitty did a chippy hunting go a woo a woo


I think it's safe to say that for the most part I respect Harrison's dignity. More so than, oh say... he does.

Normally my contributions towards his indignity are added in post production:

And I'm pretty sure he's unaware of it.

Today? Not so much.

We spent some time acclimatizing.

He had no problem with putting it on although apparently I did because I didn't get it on right.

It's probably a one time thing so I took lots of pictures. Who am I kidding. I would have anyway.

Chippy hunting right away

He didn't like the froggie hoody and learned really quickly to just shrug it off. No biggie.

Our friend Susan helped us out with the hoody.

I don't think this face and tail were saying thank you :)

Here's where you can really see my stellar harness putting on skills. That's supposed to be under his chest.

But all in all it was not a traumatic experience. He stayed out chippy hunting happily for an hour after I went in out of the bugs.

And we were good friends again right away. The boy can't hold a grudge.

I was wrong, the buds from the other day are in fact the first roses I've seen this year.

I almost didn't go over to the super bug area by the gazebo but then I would have missed the irises in full drama queen mode.


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