Monday, 23 June 2014

RAW beauty

Harrison was in a hurry to get outside today because he knew it was going to rain.

Chris's roses are beautiful but I think they're more interesting when they are past their prime.

Harrison rushed into the house when it started to rain and I rushed out. He gave me quite a lecture when I came back in sopping wet.

I am shooting in a new format. RAW instead of JPEG so it takes me longer to edit my pictures now. It's a long boring story but basically it saves a lot more information about each picture. You are not just shooting and hoping for the best anymore you can make real changes after the fact.

It feels like someone just raised the ante.

The greens. I love the greens.

Just imagine how I can play with snow and frosty fall leaves - gloriously unapproached by insects.

This Robin sat for a long time with the same worm in its mouth. Kinda like it was thinking about whether it really wanted to go home to a nest full of needy kids.

Lots more rainy flowers tomorrow.


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