Monday, 16 June 2014

Knitting with the bard

Here we go - more knit in public day in Stratford.

I actually took very few pictures of knitting. Oops. There are a few more later.

What do you do with a blurry picture?

Just have flat out fun with a new app.

Even if you don't understand it at all.

Ahem. Returning to reality with a lot of pictures to go.

Back to the business at/in hand.

Flower time.

No idea:

At this point I thought I'd seen it all but we hadn't even got to the real garden yet.

I got my wish for water lilies.

I don't even recognize myself anymore. I got so excited taking pictures of flowers that I let my rollator crash off the raised sidewalk right into a pitch of flower bushes. Luckily it wasn't on the fish pond side :)

I suspect that if I didn't have a camera in my hand I'd lose about 98 percent of my interest in flowers. But the peonies where pretty dramatic no matter what.

This is called False Indigo:

This is called A Beautiful Sister:

Miniature Japanese irises.


It was pretty cold unless you were in direct sun which we were losing. We told Caleb he looked like an actor in a cape.

Ever the good sport:


Just a few today.

Harry hunted chippies and I hunted birds. A lot tougher with leaves but they're really vocal so that narrows it down a bit.

Who you calling a blabber mouth?

Lizzy comes to Canada for the first time tomorrow!

Not sure how they'll pack but probably not this way.

Her daddy will miss her but at least England lost their first match so as a good Scotsman he'll be very happy about that!

I was wrong last week when I thought Lizzy and the Queen would be cheering for the same team. I'm learning I'm learning :)

See you soon Heather and Lizzy!


Almost felt bad for this cat but you can see he could stand on his hind legs so chances are pretty good he wants to be exactly where he is.

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