Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lizzy part 2

Wrapping up my fun visit with Heather and Lizzy yesterday.

Time to try on Grandma's bonnet.

There were some mixed feelings.

Lizzy got one fist full of fur but was quickly forgiven.

Again non toxic.

Off to the moose for supper.

Lizzy was pretty tired after her photo shoot but our wings must've looked too good cause she couldn't sleep.

Didn't matter one bit that she cried a bit. The place is so noisy and she even cries cute.

Hey it's a vegetable right?

Our yummy shared supper:

Thanks for the great day ladies!

Meanwhile on our walk Harry discovered once again that he's Batman.

Not many pictures today. I was trying to out run/walk the bugs. Did this in 20 minutes and three sits.

Harry's walk was not so fast.

Not sure he's dignified enough to be batman.


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