Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sean's art show

This blog post is dedicated to my nephew Sean the artist.

Cooper and Dana and Henry picked me up and away we went to Paris to see Sean.

Aunt Karen - K on the left wrist, got there before us. We were all very glad to see Sean!

We had a nice tour of the building. They told us that the centre is modeled after a place in Europe.

There are really neat helpful things everywhere. For example the rails in each hallway have a different texture to make it easy to know where you are.

This was one of Cooper's favorite rooms.

Cooper found Sean very interesting.

He wants to learn how to talk with his hands too.

We saw a show about Sean doing art with a famous sculptor named Guido Dettoni who sculpts small items while blind folded then enlarges them.

You can see the video here.

It's cool to see what the intervener sees but then what the sculptor does too.

It was very cool.

Then it was time to see the art!

We all thought that Sean's art was colorful and really beautiful.

We liked everyone's art but we liked Sean's the best.

We are very proud of Sean.

Then we toured the building some more. This neat bench was in the tuck shop.

Signed by Walter Gretzky.

There was another Star Trek room with very cool things.

The interactive floor was awesome.

We went back to the art gallery again to have another look.

Cooper learned how to sign Sean's name - an S on the forehead and his own - a C on the chin.

We would like to say thank you to Wendy who does art with Sean. She does a great job of patiently listening and understanding how Sean would like to work.

Thanks to everyone else who works with Sean too for making his home a family and thanks for the tour too!

Then we headed out for lunch.

Cooper played ball until the restaurant opened.

Coop shared his crayons with Sean.

Cooper did not share his raisins as well as his crayons.

He gave Sean one raisin...

but the next time he just pretended!

Sean did get two raisins though.

Aunt Karen said good bye.

And Cooper had a high five for everyone.

Especially the artist!

Thanks for a great day Sean!

Love Aunt Ruth - R on left wrist.

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